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My Paternal Grandparents

Francesco Angilletta

I began researching my Paternal roots in Fall 2005 while trying to help my daughter with a school project.  At the time I had very limited resources to work with.  I knew nothing other than the standard information – parents, grandparents, where they lived, where they died – but not much more.  Bruno Angilletta and Caterina Fuda, my paternal grandparents who were from Locri, Reggio Calabria.
Since the first rule of thumb when trying to trace your roots is to start with yourself and work your way backwards,  I downloaded a copy of a Ancestral Chart (also known as a Pedigree chart) from Ancestry and filled in what I could.
Later that afternoon I visited my with parents and attempted to pick their brains,  which wasn’t as easy as most people say it is.  My father is the youngest of 7 children and was born in Locri – a fact he has always been very proud of – but didn’t really remember much more than I already knew.
Not learning anything knew, I decided to *borrow* my parents photo albums and go through their documents.  Mom had stuff saved that I never even knew existed so this really helped.  Especially when I found my grandmother memory card from when she passed away and it read:


Caterina Fuda

Domenica Caterina Fuda
24 Agosto 1889 – 14 Marzo 1975
Gerace Marina
Discovery #1 – Ok, so I always thought my Nonna’s name was Caterina, not Domenica.  And where the hell was Gerace Marina??  It turns out that Locri was known as Gerace Marina prior to 1934 so my Dad being born in 1932, was actually born there.  Nonna it seems, went by her middle name all her life. I decided to keep looking through the pile of pictures and documents for more clues and came upon Nonno Bruno’s death certificate:

Francesco Angilletta Death Certificate

Discovery #2 – Nonno Bruno was really Francesco and he was born in Ardore, Reggio Calabria in 1895 but died in Locri in 1989.  Ardore is a comune about 3 kms from Locri and is one of the 40 comune to make up what’s known as the Locride. Locride is an area of Calabria Italy around the town of Locri in the Province of Reggio Calabria.

Unfortunately the death certificate was only an extract of the event so it didn’t provide me with the names of Nonno Bruno’s parents and so I would need to locate the birth acts of Francesco and Domenica based on the information I had.  And so I made my way to the closest Family History Center (which isn’t all that close) and ordered my first two microfilms to see what I could come up with it.