Caulonia Stemma

Caulonia Stemma

There were several Angilletta’s from Caulonia. From what I have seen on the all the immigration sites, the first Angilletta’s to leave Italy and go to America were originally from Caulonia. The following is a list of the family groups that I have found so far.


Francesco Angilletta & Teresa Romano

Francesco was born about 1823. So far I can account for 3 of their children – Domenico (1843), Luigi (1850) and Rosa (1863) although I’m sure like most Italian couples they had several more.

The family seemed closely connected to the DIMASI family of Caulonia as you can see by the following marriages.



  • Domenico married Fortunata DIMASI
  • Luigi married Rosa DIMASI
  • Rosa married Giuseppe DIMASI
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