Family of Nicodemo Angilletta & Elisabetta Lombardo


Rosario Salvatore Angilletta

Finally, after months of extracting civil records I have been able to group many of our Angilletta ancestors into Family Groups. The first published family is Nicodemo Angilletta [1853] born in Grotteria to Isidoro and Caterina Panetta who married Elisabetta Lombardo [1863] from Mammola, the daughter of Agostino and Rosa Maria Agostino.

Nicodemo and Elisabetta resided in Mammola and their 13 children were all born there. At least 5 of them died as children.

One child, Rosario Salvatore [1892-1968] immigrated to the United States and was married to Caterina Protetta [1900].  The picture on the right was taken from his passport application from 1922. I will be adding more information about Salvatore and Caterina but will not be adding any details about their descendants as not to violate any privacy laws.   If you descend from any of these people and would like more information then shoot me an email and explain exactly how you are related and we can take it from there.  Please, do not ask me for any personal information – I can’t [won’t] provide that.


Please note that all information posted thus far is public domain and no privacy laws have been breached intentionally or otherwise. Should you see anything that should not be posted please contact me and I will investigate and if necessary remove immediately. Alternatively, if you would like to add, modify or expand on this family, I would also be interested in hearing from you.

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