Coal Miners Memorial Park


Coal Miner

Coal Miners, Greenwood, Arkansas

Coal Miners Memorial Park is a webpage dedicated to the miners of Greenwood, Arkansas, Historical District.

From their memorial page:

The Memorial was dedicated to honor the coal miners of Sebastian County, Arkansas. Coal miners were the heart of our heritage that we enjoy today.  These walls of memories include names of the men who mined the coal that fueled the industrial might of America…

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I am linking this page because Giuseppe Antonio Angilletta a.k.a Joseph Angeletti, and his brother, James Angeletti as well as others Angeletti’s names are listed on the Memorial.

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  • Chrissie Angeletti:

    Hi! My fathers uncle was Tony Angeletti. My grandfather was Victor or Victory Angeletti. I would love to try and piece this part of our history together. I know that we are also from Grotteria, but not sure what all of the connection is. Most of my fathers family still lives in Arkansas.

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